Explore our mountain and test your navigational skills on a geocaching adventure! Kids and adults of all ages will enjoy the hunt for Sipapu’s hidden caches, located throughout our resort.

  • What is Geocaching? Geocaching is treasure hunting, high-tech style. Using a GPS (global positioning system) handheld device, participants locate caches or treasure boxes, hidden in nearly every country around the world. These caches contain treasure, usually toys or other little trinkets – participants may take one trinket for every trinket they leave behind!Sipapu Ski and Summer Resort’s caches (rustic ammo cans, among others!) contain a log book, trinkets and a camera (for taking pictures of your exploration group).
  • How Much does it Cost? Geocaching is FREE to all Sipapu guests.
  • When Can We Look for Caches? Sipapu guests are invited to search for caches during the spring, summer, and fall (when our ski slopes are not open).
  • Equipment Needed: A handheld GPS device – sturdy shoes or hiking boots are also recommended at Sipapu!
  • Rules:
    1. Take something from the cache
    2. Leave something in the cache
    3. Write about it in the logbook

Sipapu’s Geocache Locations

Name: TreeHugger

Difficulty: Difficult (for a complete description, click here)

Location: N 36° 09.183 W 105° 32.967

Name: Salty Trees

Difficulty: Moderate (for a complete description, click here)

Location: N 36° 09.087 W 105° 32.902