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nature is calling. Get more outdoors at sipapu

Away from it all. But not THAT away from it all.

Sipapu is a great place to hike, with views at the top of many of the ski trails. It’s strenuous but worth it. The most gradual hike up is to take Sassafras. Its switchbacks make it a good starting place for hiking our mountain.

Nearby Hikes & Biking Trails

Nearby is the Gallegos Peak to Flechado Canyon hike that runs the ridge across from Sipapu. This 6-mile hike gives you views of all the ski runs and is a great bird’s eye view of the resort. 

Also nearby is the Agua Pietra trail to Indian Lake, The trail begins at the Agua Pietra campground goes long about five miles. The trailhead is at the corral, just follow the path to the Indian Trail sign and turn left for a steady, hearty climb to Indian Lake, a small alpine lake. 

A gentler nearby hike is the Comales Canyon Trail. If you do an out and back hike, it’s a gentler option for families. 

Good descriptions of nearby trails can be found on the Taos News website. Another resource is the town of Mora’s website.

On- Mountain Hike
Great for Families

This hike is a favorite for kids! Take a quick hike to disc golf baskets 6 & 7 at the top of Lower Bambi for a great view. This hike takes ~30 min.

Hike to the Top of Lift 4

This beautiful hike is a bit more challenging and takes an hour and a half. Use the access roads to hike up to the top of Lift 4 for views up the canyon. Hike back down through No Caboose or Worm for added fun! Hiking down ski runs gives a unique perspective of walking through a park in the middle of a forest.

Hike the Lower 9 Holes of the Disc Golf Course

This 45 min hike is the perfect loop for the family looking to get a taste of the mountains. Follow holes 1-9 of the disc golf through the woods. Click here for a map of the disc golf course.

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