Sipapu General Store

Sipapu General Store + Gas Station

Our slopeside General Store is conveniently located inside the historic Lodge. There you’ll find our friendly staff ready to help you with your purchase and answer any questions you might have, from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. We adjust our merchandise seasonally, so whether you’re at Sipapu to hit the slopes or hone your fly fishing skills, we do our best to meet your gear, grocery, snack and souvenir needs. And did we mention Sue’s Famous Homemade Fudge?
Re-stock your camper, campsite or kitchenette with our thorough selection of pantry and grocery items. We stock everything from breakfast (OJ, milk, cereal) to baking (flour, butter, sugar) and from a tasty lunch (bread, cheese, cold cuts, condiments) to an indulgent treat, such as Blue Bunny frozen novelties or our famous homemade fudge. We also carry a comprehensive selection of forgot-to-pack toiletries and medicine cabinet items, like  Band-Aids and toothpaste.

The Sipapu General Store is also the place to rent or buy disc golf bags and discs, re-stock your tackle box, and replace broken sunglasses and goggles. We even stock bundles of firewood and other camping essentials, including everything you need to create the perfect s’mores.

We also have a gas station for filling up before heading for home. 

And don’t leave Sipapu without a unique souvenir, such as Sipapu apparel everyone back home will envy, or a cutest-ever carved bear.

For more information about what’s on our shelves, pop by our desk or call 575-587-2240, ext. 0.