The Forecast: Snow

Around this same time every year, my diet shifts to candy corn, Fritos, chia seeds and Red Bull. This is a sure sign that Opening Day is quickly approaching and it’s time to finish prepping the mountain for New Mexico’s Opening Day – happening right here on November 17th! My mountain operations crew is doing just that: buttoning up outstanding projects so we can focus solely on snowmaking when the temperatures cooperate. We have been mowing the trails with a skid steer with a 72″ mower attachment so that it only takes a little bit of snow to cover all of the grass. Another summer project has been culling through the trees to make sure our tree skiing runs are clear of any debris that may have fallen. All of our snow guns are in their respective places on the mountain and ready to roll when cold temperatures arrive!

Aspen grove_100418

Photo taken October 4

If you haven’t been to Sipapu during the fall before, now is the time to do it! Take a hike or play a round of disc golf on the mountain in search of autumn hues. You won’t have to look too hard to discover aspen groves boasting their golden leaves. No matter what you choose I guarantee you’ll have a colorful view! If you ask me, the best place to see the fall colors is the top of Don Diego or anywhere along Lift 3.

Pond in the fall

Photo taken October 4

As our team prepares the mountain for opening day, we will be sure to keep you posted. Check our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram regularly for the latest information on opening day. If you have additional questions, feel free to call 800-587-2240.

See you on the mountain!