Private Lessons

Sipapu’s private lessons offer the most flexibility and the best learning environment. Private instruction is available to beginner, intermediate, and advanced skiers and snowboarders who want to focus on specific goals, build technique and have fun.

  • Private lessons are individual lessons
  • Sipapu offers private lessons for children ages 4-6 if accompanied by a parent. Kids older than 6 can take an individual private lesson.
  • Please note: if more than one person joins the private lesson, we suggest that all participants are of a similar ability level, as the instructor must teach to the lowest level.
  • Refunds and resort credit are not available for lessons on the day of the lesson or once the lesson has begun. For example, there are no weather-related refunds or refunds when a child is unable to continue a lesson.







Lesson Duration

Two-Hour Morning Skiing OR Snowboarding Lesson 

Does not include lift tickets or rentals     

  $100-$125 10am to noon     2 Hours
Two-Hour Afternoon Skiing OR Snowboarding Lesson

Does not include lift tickets or rentals 

   $90-$100  1pm to 3pm     2 Hours