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Good News!

Great news around Sipapu, as things slowwwwwly are returning to normal. Our store opens tomorrow, May 28, from 9a-4:00 pm and we hope to have the cafe open soon. We are staffing up and hope to have the cabins available in the near future. There is a lot of cleanup to be done on the mountain, and we are still in Stage III fire restrictions, which means the disc golf course is closed, as are the hiking trails across the river from the Sipapu lodge, cabins, and campsites. Sipapu operates under a special use permit on the Carson National Forest, which means our forest is effectively closed. We’re asking any guest at Sipapu to especially mindful of the fire restrictions – put your cigarette out, no fires, be smart and fire safe! Pay attention to social media and our website for further announcements of when our lodging will be open. 

The hot shot crews have been along the Div M line nearest Sipapu extinguishing any remaining heat, and we’re feeling confident their efforts have paid off. For detailed information on what’s happening with the fire, visit

and pay attention to the North or West updates where they will discuss Div M, the area of most concern for us. 

We are so incredibly grateful for the firefighters and hot shot crews who have protected Sipapu. Their tireless work in incredibly steep conditions to stop the fire from spreading down to us is heroic and we can never thank them enough. 

We also want to thank you. You’ve demonstrated time and again the strong support you have for our small ski area. Your prayers encouraged us, and your social media posts and direct messages were much needed in such a stressful time. 

Our hearts are broken for those who’ve lost so much in these fires. Want to help? Consider donating to the All Together NM Fund, which distributes funds throughout New Mexico in coordination with local organizations for shelter, food, water and access to medical care. All Together NM Fund

To learn more about Carson National Forest closure: Carson National Forest Closure

To learn more about current wildfires in New Mexico: New Mexico Fire Information

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