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Fire Mitigation Update

It continues to be a crazy, challenging time around our little slice of paradise. Our team and our tireless GM have been working so hard to protect Sipapu. With wildfires very close, it’s imperative that we protect our infrastructure and structures. 

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

  • Our team has removed 126 chairs off the lift, and we have the lifts prepped to work on auxiliary power to keep the haul rope running so it doesn’t get too hot should the fire threaten. 
  • Our snow guns are running all over the mountain specifically to protect our structures and lifts
  • Insurance teams are standing by to use fire retardant on our structures to save them  
  • Our snowcats are on the move to the Penasco School parking lot for safety

As one of the largest employers in southern Taos County, northwest San Miguel and eastern Rio Arriba counties, we are absolutely committed to protecting Sipapu and its place in this community. With so much lost, we want to provide employment and a place to be outdoors this winter! We are continuing to pray for a miracle, and ask you to join with us. For the latest on fire information, please visit the resources here

Our community has been devastated, and our employees have been displaced, with many under evacuation orders or the threat of evacuation. They are worried about their homes, their pets, and their livelihoods. Want to help? Donate here

The first responders, firefighters, hotshot crews, and fire teams are tired – they’ve been in this battle a long time. Want to help? 

Peñasco High School gym, 13 School Road, Peñasco.
Contact Melissa Sandoval at 575-779-3057.

Peñasco is feeding and supplying evacuees and first responders. They need “everything but water.”

Please do not bring water. The items below are needed:

Sports drinks, other soft drinks
Easy-open snacks (like potted meats) that don’t require cooking
Groceries for basic meals (for those living in campers)
Grocery donations, family-suitable, for the shelter to feed evacuees

Clothing and toiletries:
Socks and underwear, all sizes, new
Basic toiletries, all kinds

Please be cautious about donating to unverified fundraisers; some campaigns are not legitimate fundraising efforts.




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