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February Fun Fest

Snow castle

Our FREE President’s Day Weekend celebration includes a giant snow castle and mountain-wide scavenger hunt, with heaps of fantastic prizes and more fun than you can shake a ski pole at.

2020 February Fun Fest Event Schedule

Snow Castle (Saturday, Sunday & Monday)
Time: Opens at 9 a.m.

Every year, a giant snow castle is built by the mountain team at Sipapu.  It’s a snow playground for all ages and the only one in New Mexico! Each year, the snow castle changes in design, but what remains constant is the sheer size, which is usually 2-3 stories tall, the unique creation of stairs, slides, flags, and plenty of places to play in the snow!  The building of the snow castle begins Saturday, Feb. 8 and lasts throughout the week until Feb. 14. The snow castle opens at 9 am on Saturday, Feb. 15 and is open for all to explore and enjoy.

Costume Contest & Parade Down Lower Gable (Saturday)
Time: 1pm
Wear your favorite clown costumes for prizes and Parade down lower gamble! The parade starts at 2 pm! See you then!

Penny Toss (Saturday)
Time: 2 pm 
After the parade, kids can participate in a penny toss! $20 in pennies will be thrown on the snow for kids to grab, but there is a catch! Every kid must be wearing there gloves or mittens. This event is fun for kids to participate in and hilarious for parents to watch!

Treasure Hunt (Saturday, Sunday & Monday)
Time: 9 a.m.—4 p.m.

Sipapu hosts a fun Treasure Hunt, which is part scavenger hunt and all adventure!  Search the mountain Sat., Sun., and Mon. from 9 am to 4 pm for laminated letters. When letters gathered spell CLOWN, return them to Ski School for a great prize!

Santa Fe Brewing Happy Hops Hunt (Saturday)

Guests 21 and older, partake in the Santa Fe Brewing Happy Hops Hunt on Saturday, Feb. 15.  It’s a mountain-wide scavenger hunt in search of Santa Fe Brewing cans stuffed with prizes. Watch Sipapu’s Facebook and Twitter pages the day of the event for tips and clues to find the hidden cans.  Redeem prizes in the base area. Learn more here.