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A Winter Update!


Our phones sure have been ringing lately. The number one question: “Are you going to be open this winter?” 

We say a resounding “Yes!” We’re happy to announce our opening day is scheduled to be November 13. We’re excited to offer you and your family a place to get outside and enjoy the snow we all love.

We have been busy planning how our operations might change to accommodate some of the restrictions due to COVID-19. Our motto is “Rethink Everything.” From the ticket office to lift operations, we are being innovative to make the Sipapu experience wonderful for you and your family. 

With you, our employees, and our community in mind, we are using some guiding principles to help us make our decisions, based on the very latest research and guidance from scientists and the CDC. 

Some deciding factors we are considering include: 

  1. Flexibility. We know that plans will change due to COVID-19 restrictions and government executive orders. We are reviewing our policies, products, prices and procedures to reflect this new reality. 
  2. Airflow. The evidence is clear this virus thrives in a closed environment. We are working to determine how to disperse people, how to move business outdoors, and create appropriate social distancing in our base area. We’re also discussing how to develop more touchless interactions in tickets, rentals, our restaurants, and ski school. 
  3. Government Guidance. We’re monitoring local, state, and national guidance closely to assure compliance. 
  4. Protection. We’re developing precautions for our employees, guests, and community.
  5. Financial Health and Resiliency. COVID-19 restrictions will someday lift, and life will become a little more normal. We want Sipapu to thrive in years to come. 
  6. Fun. The skiing and snowboarding experience is the reason Sipapu exists, and that feeling you get going down the mountain is waiting for you this winter. We’re working to make sure you and your family have an amazing time at Sipapu. 

We’ve been testing all of our lifts, performing maintenance on the snow guns, and soon we’ll be mowing the mountain to get her ready for winter. Not long after that, the snow will begin falling – and we’re looking forward to seeing you again!


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