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8 Reasons to love Spring Skiing

Officially Spring is March 20, but in New Mexico Spring skiing gets an early start with sunny, bluebird days, pop up powder storms and longer days on the hill. 

Here are eight reasons to love spring skiing at Sipapu. 

  • It’s warmer! Sweatshirt skiing, yes, please. Enjoying the sunny days on the mountain in light layers is just fun, and gets you ready for the end of winter. No hand warmers are necessary.
  • It’s sunny! Vitamin D all day long boosts your mood and helps your goggle tan game.  
  • The vibes! All that vitamin D means happy people with a relaxed air about them. No one is racing for the powder, so spring skiing has a chill, relaxed feel.
  • Soft snow (after 11 AM)! Easy turns, forgiving snow contributes to the chill vibes mentioned in #3. 
  • Longer days and beautiful evenings! Linger longer for the apres ski fun with those warmer temps and sunshine all around. Sip a tropical cocktail on the patio or enjoy a locally crafted beer. 
  • Sleep in! Let the snow soften up and enjoy some more shut eye or a lazy breakfast before hitting the slopes (Grab a burrito or cinnamon roll at the Riverside Cafe for the ultimate indulgence). 
  • Fewer skiers – sometimes! Spring Break is busy, but the rest of the month can be surprisingly mellow, especially on weekdays. Enjoy the quiet solitude of the trails. 
  • Buy Now, Ski Now! Season passes go on sale in the spring, and with buy now, ski now, you can enjoy the last few weeks of the season on your 23/24 pass. 

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