Terrain Parks

Sipapu has several distinct terrain parks, including the only organic terrain parks in the state. Playground and Flight School, our two organic parks, are built entirely from resources found on our mountain and in the surrounding Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Our terrain parks offer lines and features for all skill levels, providing skill-building challenges while giving you room for creativity. Advanced skiers and riders will find over a dozen features – including a triple combo – on Rowdy Howdy, our newest and biggest terrain park. Don’t miss C-Wall on Playground, our 30-foot wall ride. And Flight School is all about airtime.

Rowdy HowdyPerson doing tricks

Newest and biggest terrain park
Skill Level: Advanced-Expert
Location: On Howdy

Features: Find around a dozen features, including a 10-foot round torpedo rail, 20-foot A-frame box with a dragon tongue (including two urban take-offs and a straight mount), and one huge 38-foot tabletop gap jump. Additional features include a 20-foot jump, 18-foot gap, 10-foot long box, 14-foot flat rail, 8-foot long 6-inch wide flat rail, and a 10-foot gap with a barrel bonk and jump.

Here’s what our terrain park manager says about Rowdy Howdy: “This park is our most aggressive and is superior to our other parks because of its skill level and link-ability. Skiers and riders will be able to link more features in this park than in any of our other parks.” Person doing tricks

Flight School

Organic, all about airtime
Skill Level: Beginner Freestyle – Intermediate
Location: Serviced by Lift #3

Features: Find a half-dozen distinct jumps ranging from 10-20 feet and a canon.

Here’s what our terrain park manager says about Flight School: “This park’s claim to fame is its diversity. Both beginner and advanced skiers and riders can catch air here. One might catch a little, and one might catch a lot!”

PlaygroundPerson doing tricks

Skill Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Location: Serviced by Lift #3

Features: Experience C-Wall, a 30-foot wide wall ride, inspired by our terrain park manager’s boardercross race circuit days, plus a quarter pipe wall ride, hitching post tap, two 16-foot flat rails, a canon and a tree tap.

Here’s what our terrain park manager says about Playground: “This park is highly linkable and diversified. Playground is known for the versatility of its features, which are both original and technical.”

Sipapu Ski and Summer Resort’s terrain park features change constantly due to snow conditions, weather, usage, grooming and time of day. Visit our blog for the most current information about terrain park conditions and features. Guests assume all responsibility when visiting our terrain parks.