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Sipapu Downgraded to Ready

Thanks to the combination of firefighters and hot shot crews, cooler temperatures, and higher humidity, Sipapu has been downgraded to “Ready” status and Highway 518 is open up to Sipapu. 

Words cannot express how thankful we are to the firefighters out digging trenches and putting out the flames and smoldering embers near us to protect Sipapu. This place is more than a ski resort, it’s a piece of ski history. Our founders, Lloyd and Olive Bolander put their heart and soul into building this place. Each building tells a story, and the slopes, the names of the trails, the lifts, all of it has a special place within us. 

As we face the danger, we have felt the outpouring of love and support from our Sipapu family, and it has been a tremendous encouragement through the challenge. THANK YOU. 

Photo from the webcam 5/24/22

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