Charitable Giving

Our Philosophy

Sipapu views community involvement as a corporate responsibility. We enthusiastically endorse and are committed to supporting our community both by giving and serving. Because of the scope of incoming requests, Sipapu has created an outreach committee named ‘Sipapu Lifts the Community’. This committee is formed by Sipapu employees who collect, review and make decisions regarding all inquiries.

Through our outreach program, Sipapu offers in-kind and cash donations, services, labor, equipment, and hosts events. We consider not-for-profit programs, groups, and causes that enrich the communities where our employees and resort guests live and work, with special consideration given to educational groups.

Our Focus

Sipapu’s charitable contributions are focused but are not limited to youth, scientific, educational, and recreational endeavors. Because we concentrate on having a direct and meaningful impact in the areas we have targeted to support, it is not possible to accommodate every request.

The greatest consideration will be given to those projects/organizations which:

  • Clearly identify a need and present an innovative way to meet that need
  • Demonstrate an ability to implement the program
  • Identify a general benefit to the community
  • Encourage the use of volunteers

Learn How to Request a Charitable Donation

Please contact or call (970)426-7242 to discuss giving opportunities.