Active Duty Military Value Pass

Sipapu military season pass description

Introducing Sipapu’s first active duty military pass. Available for for full-time, active duty service men and women, this value pass offers restricted access to Sipapu during the 2021/2022 winter season (blackout dates: 12/26/21-1/1/22, 1/15/22-1/16/22, 2/19/22-2/20/22, 3/14/22-3/16/22). 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who qualifies for the active duty military pass?

A: A person who is currently serving on active duty is in the military full-time (serving on Title 10 orders for 30 days or more). This includes anyone currently serving in the:

  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Navy 
  • U.S. Air Force
  • Marine Corps 
  • Coast Guard 

This product does not apply to dependents, veterans or retired personnel. A person in the Reserve or National Guard is not full-time active duty military personnel and is excluded from this discounted product.

Q: I’d like to talk with someone about this pass. Who could I contact?

A: Please email us at

Q: Where can I buy my season pass?

Q:I’m not on active duty, but I did serve in the military. Why don’t I get a discount?

A: We want to honor and show appreciation for those who are currently serving. We recognize and are grateful for the contribution and sacrifice our reservists, retirees, veterans and dependents have made and continue to make. However, we’ve made the decision to limit this offer to active duty at this time.

Q: Why can’t I get my active duty military pass shipped to me?

A: We require proof of eligibility before we issue this pass and, at this time, this needs to be done in person.

Q: How do I prove eligibility?

A: Below is a list of approved forms of military identification:

  • Active duty military ID
  • Valid active duty orders
  • Official letter on letterhead from your commander verifying your service
  • LES dated within 90 days

Q:I don’t have any of the approved forms of military identification. How can I get my pass?

A: All military organizations give its members some kind of official document that we’ll accept, but in the event you are unable to provide us with an acceptable proof of affiliation, we will not be able to verify you and cannot offer you access to the discounted military pass.

Q: Are there blackout dates on the military pass?

A: Yes: to keep this pass as discounted as possible, we blacked out peak holiday periods: 12/26/21 – 1/1/22, 1/15/22-1/16/22, 2/19/22-2/20/22, 3/14/22-3/16/22.

Q: What if I want to ski on a blackout date? Can I get a discounted lift ticket?

A: You will need to purchase a lift ticket to ski on a blackout date. We do not offer military discounts on lift tickets.

Q: Does the active duty military pass offer any benefits, like discounted tickets to share with friends?

A: No, the active duty military pass offers direct to lift access only – no additional benefits.