Dog on snowmobile

Lizi the Super Sipapu Search & Rescue Dog

Guests at Sipapu seem to have an extra big smile on their faces lately. And it’s not just the super fun time on the slopes. It’s the latest addition to Sipapu’s friendly staff: Lizi the snow-loving, snowmobile-riding, super-trained search and rescue dog.

 dog on ski machine

Lizi is a nine-year-old female border collie who used to do search and rescue in Yosemite National Park. She retains an Area 1 Search Certification through NASAR, the National Association for Search and Rescue. Lizi can search for an individual who is injured, and at the end of the day for someone who is missing and needs to be found.


While working, she frequently rides a snowmobile around the mountain with her handler, Holly Baits, a Patroller at Sipapu. When Lizi finds the injured or missing person, she ping-pongs back and forth between the person and Holly until everyone is safely together. Amazingly, Lizi can repel from chairlifts and even from helicopters in backcountry search and rescue situations.


dog playing

dog playing

Lizi performs a weekly training routine, and has a favorite toy—a fire hose bumper that she gets exclusively during search and rescue efforts. When Lizi is with a Patroller, feel free to approach her. You are welcome to talk to her and pet her. Lizi is very friendly, and we are very happy and fortunate to have her as part of our Ski Patrol team.