A Tribute to Dads Who Rock. 

Dad and Child on Lift

Rocking Sipapu with Dad

Father’s Day is June 16.

The crisp air, the smell of the campfire, and the trickling of the river are all things that make us want to come back for summer at Sipapu year after year. It’s a place where getting away from it all means getting away from it all – cell phones, TV, distractions – all the things that can seem so important at home. 
Opting Outside with Dad.
For many of us, our dads and grandfathers were influential in teaching us the importance of noticing the nature around us. They taught us about appreciating the outdoors and even rocking it – whether on powder, on a mountain bike, while fishing or on an ATV.  Dads just share a special bond with their kids. How often do we hear a little boy enthusiastically expressing how much he wants to be just like Dad when he grows up? 
fishing at Sipapu

Learning to fish on the Sipapu pon

My adopted grandad, C.A., a crusty Navy veteran, taught my boys to cast a line properly. He was a man who did not suffer fools and was adamant that perfection was in the details – a tall order for 7 and 9-year-old boys. On our back deck, which stands 20 feet from the ground, he patiently gave them lessons on casting. “Always take off your hook. Always, always, always,” he would repeat, with the admonition that someone’s finger was at risk should they disobey. Of course, they got lazy and disobeyed, and they shed some blood (we never told C.A.).  However, they did learn, after a few lessons, how to cast, reel in and handle a fish once it was caught. It’s a lesson that will last forever for them, a legacy straight from C.A. 
It’s our hope that all kinds of fathers and grandfathers find ways at Sipapu and across New Mexico, to pass on a legacy of loving the outdoors. Happy Father’s Day!